I am an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Cognitive Science department and Computational Social Science (CSS) program at UC San Diego. This means that I split my time teaching classes for both departments.

My teaching focuses on methods in particular, such as programming (e.g., in Python), data visualization, statistics, and natural language processing. I also teach classes focused on language and cognition.

Courses I Teach

CSS 1: Introductory Programming for Computational Social Science (website)

CSS 2: Data and Model Programming for Computational Social Science (website)

COGS 101C: Language

COGS 153: Language Comprehension

COGS 150: Large Language Models and Cognitive Science

COGS 14A: Introduction to Research Methods

COGS 14B: Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Methods tutorials

I also create resources for people interested in learning more about statistics and programming in R or Python: see this page for more details.


One of my favorite parts of being in science is mentoring students who want to learn more about research.

So far, I’ve been on a couple Honors Thesis committees:

Additional information

In Spring 2019, Pamela Rivière and I organized a course and speaker series called: Data Practices (in the 21st century). The course featured speakers from a number of departments, including: Anthropology, Computer Science and Engineering, and History.